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Monday, July 18, 2011

Magical Effect of Herbs on Psoriasis

This 34 years young lady contacted me from Cheshire, UK for her Psoriasis and IBS, skin health and Beauty treatment.

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Let me put the case in her own words.....

When i asked to narrate her problems in detail, it came out as follows. Let me put it in her own words.....

I suffer with scalp psoriasis and have done on and off for 25 years plus. At the moment it is particularly bad and very dry and flaky. This is having an affect on the condition of my hair as well.
As detailed above, I also have digestive problems which is affecting my sleep! My stress levels are a little more under control, however I am still left with the symptoms of stomach problems etc.
I was informed by a herbal practitioner that I had a high level of Candida and this was causing me digestive problems as well as my psoriasis. I followed a strict Candida diet which helped to a certain degree but I still suffer with stomach problems and psoriasis.
I am very conscious of my skin condition as a whole, which is not at its best. I am also conscious of premature ageing which I would like to address also.

I had a colonoscopy and gastroscopy 12 months ago for stomach pains and digestive problems. I was diagnosed with IBS. I still have digestive problems. I cannot tolerate certain foods – spicy, some dairy etc. I have problems with a grumbling stomach during the night and it will wake me up several times. I have suffered with a lot of stress and had weak adrenals.

She send a pic of her scalp taken on 2nd June, 2011 to show how badly her scalp was affected.

Based on her detailed description provided by her i advised her herbal medicines. She started her medicines on 9th of June 2011.

On July 5th her mail had a very positive surprise. In her own words .......

When i had a look at her pic after 35 days of treatment, i was also not able to believe my eyes. See for yourself the magical power of herbs. This Pic was taken on July 16th, 2011.

All this result was achieved without physical examination of the patient. Without any lab reports and from a distance of 8000 kms. She has been advised to continue with her medicines to completely get rid of her problems. Herbal medicines when taken under the guidance of a good practitioner can give wonderful result.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Anti Depressants - Insomnia to ECT

This 47 years old lady from Hyderabad, visited my clinic on 31st of May 2011 for her depression problem. She was accompanied by her husband (lecturer) and her daughter. Was unable to walk a single step on her own. Her husband and daughter helped her enter the clinic and made her sit in the chair. She just looked like a dummy sitting in the chair and no expression on her face. She was not responding to the questions being asked. It seemed she is in some other world or so.

After initial screening her husband revealed that her problems had started 10 years back after she lost her father and wasn't able to sleep. So the allopathic doctors had prescribed her some anti depressant medicines. She is under their treatment for the last 10 years and the things went from bad to worse. For the last 1 year she is having continuous suicidal thoughts and had made many suicidal attempts. For the last 1 year she has been on ECT and electric shock was being administered to her every alternate day. She always had the giddiness and without support she will fall down anytime anywhere.

I just wondered if i can do anything for her. I generally don't take these types of cases but when i saw her bad condition and her husband pleading for help, then i thought of helping her out.

Actually in alternative medicines, one big challenge the practitioners face is to provide quick relief to the patients. The patients keep on taking allopathic medicines without any question even if their condition goes from bad to worse. But in case of alternative medicines, if the patient doesn't get positive relief in 10 15 days they will simply quite it. And giving positive result to a patient whose condition is so bad in just 10 15 days time seems nearly impossible.

But then what is life without challenge. I started her treatment and gave her some herbal medicines to take oraly and some herbal massage lotion and asked them to report in 20 days.

She took her 1st dose of herbal medicine on 1st of June, 2011. On 5th of June she went to bathroom on her own.

When she came to me after 22 days i wasn't able to believe my eyes. There were so many positive changes in her. She came to my clinic without any support. She was well dressed and had good make up and there was a glow on her face. She looked very energetic. She spoke well about her health condition, asked many questions related to her health and was very happy. After starting the herbal medicines, she never felt giddiness. No suicidal thoughts came to her. And after many many years she had entered the kitchen and cooked food for her family. She and her husband were very thankful.

I have advised them to continue with these herbal medicines and slowly discontinue the anti depressant drugs.

So when you (or anyone you know ) think of starting anti depressant, just think of this lady, and then decide if you really need it.