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Monday, July 8, 2013

Breast Cancer - Herbal Treatment

This case is still under my treatment and i will keep the readers posted on the development. All the pictures are taken at my clinic with the permission of the patient.

This 43 years old lady came to me in the last week of May 2013.

( Pic taken on 30th May 2013)

Her left breast full with pus and liquid oozing out of it. A huge cavity as if i can insert my fist inside it. The smell was so bad that i was about to vomit. Her breast was as hard as a coconut and no sensation at all.

She was diagnosed with breast cancer some 2 years ago and her reports clearly mentioned it. She was under treatment from different specialist doctors and her condition got worse and then she came to me in May 2013. From May, 2013 onwards she is under my treatment. I have put her completely on our herbal medicines.

In the past she had undergone lots of hormonal therapies to have a baby.

After 20 days of medication, She came back to me with the following improvements.

 (pic taken on 20th June, 2013)

The bad smell had stopped to a great extent. The pus was very less. The sensation was returning back and her hardness was reduced significantly.

After 14 days see the improvement.
 (pic taken on 4th July, 2013)

There is no pus. No smell. Sensation returned to almost all part of the breast. Hardness reduced significantly and patient very cheerful. No pain. She can sleep with ease. Gained 1 kg of weight.

 (pic taken on 18th July, 2013)

The patient is cheerful and full of confidence. When she had came to me, she was having severe hair loss. Now no hair fall. The wound has turned pink and the cavity also getting filled fast. No pain. The sensation has returned to all the parts of the breast. The breast has become softer. She is able to do her normal day to day activity.

 (pic taken on 1st August, 2013)
She is performing her daily work regularly. She is cheerful and confident. Eats well and sleeps well. Now able to sleep on both the sides. The swelling of the breast reduced.

 (pic taken on 15 August, 2013)

The patient is cheerful and full of life. Sleeps well and eats well. No signs of complications. the wound is healing slowly but steadily. The breast has turned soft. Steady recovery.

I will be updating this case regularly.

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  1. very information site. How is a precaution for breast cancer..

    1. Its very simple. Just keep your lymphatic system clean. To know more about lymphatic system read hear.

  2. Fantastic ...!!! Dr. Sangita, so miracle ....I really hope you can help this patient from her suffer.

  3. Thanks for your kind words. She will get cured very soon no doubt about this. These medicines are proven and has been used for centuries.

  4. Dr.Sangita plz help me,my brother suffering oral cancer during 8 month ,now he stay at Kolkata,we wanted to meet you,how can we meet you from kolkata?

    1. call us on 8688379498.

      contact details are also given here.

  5. I am deeply touch with the story shared here in the post..I have a close person to me that also suffers cancer and she was already dead. But I guess, with your post here you can help many with what have you have shared here. What dou you think about
    natural compounds for cancer prevention such as apigenin or resveratrol. Thanks for the touching post!

    1. The root cause needs to be diagnosed. In most of the cases the lymphatic system cleansing acts both as preventive and curative measure. There are many natural components like the one you mentioned above which help in this process. It differs from case to case.

  6. Helo, I'm from Indonesia. In my country there's a lot of natural medication clinic. But most of the is farud.

    So I'm not believing natural medication. Without a pict, i won't believe this story. But you are done good there. How the patient doing now? Are there any pict of the recent progress?

    Thank you for the information.

  7. Thanks a lot for sharing this Dr. Sangita. Please notify me if there any recent pict for your medication.

    best regards

  8. last update with pic was 2013. we are at the end of 2015, where is the update?

  9. Thanks for such an informative talks. I am also suffering from some bone cancer wich is spread to waist. Primary location is left lung. Undergone mri, biopsy, pet ct and a long course of blood tests. I refused 2nd biopsy and moved to electro homeopathy...results are satisfactory in one month.

  10. Hi Dr. You mentioned that the natural components added with the lymph system cleaning to assist in the healing process differs from case to case. What information will you need to best troubleshoot and plan a remedy for my specific case please?

    1. Email me the detail case history at

  11. D.Sangita.Very well done I was curious to see what happened to the patient's condition ,pl update now.It is most 5yrs.

  12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.