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I am a practitioner of herbal medicines. Our herbal medicines are very very effective in Cancer, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Gout, spondylitis, sciatica, Type1 and Type2 Diabetes, Asthma, psoriasis, Eczema, Blood Pressure, Auto immune diseases, sinus, Baldness, immunity problems and hormonal imbalance. People across the globe (Europe, North America, Asia Australia and Africa) have been benefited by our treatment. Many VIPs have been benefited by our medicines and more than 95% people have reported positive results in very sort span of time. Our patient list include family members of Ex chief of Army of India, Senior officers of Indian Armed forces and their family, family members of High Court Judge, family members of DIG of Police, DC, many high profile bureaucrats and senior most doctors of some of the most reputed hospitals of India and their family members. For any query drop me a mail at

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Juvenile Diabetes - 33% less insulin required in just 1 month

A health care professional of allopathic medicine contacted me on 31st October, 2012 for his son's problem. His son, a 7 year old male child was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes and was undergoing allopathic treatment under the guidance of one of the most renowned name in Endocrinology in one of the best hospital of south east Asia.

Along with the case details, he send the following reports.

The reports clearly indicated a badly managed juvenile diabetes with A1C at 11.7. When he contacted me in October, 2012, The child was taking 9 units of Insulin and his fasting blood sugar was above 300.

The allopathic doctor had told him that he had to take Insulin for life and there is no cure for it.He was little uneasy in accepting anything which was not in line with the system of medicine that he used to follow ( allopathy) and very much influenced with the allopathic treatment. Everyone talks of the incurability of Juvenile Diabetes. All the doctors of allopathy with big big degrees have not been able to cure it. 

I told him that Nature is more powerful then Man made science and he being the father, has to take the call if he blindly believed in what his allopathic doctor has said or wish to try something Natural. This is a freshly diagnosed case and there are very good chances for recovery and the results will come very fast. The kids body heals much faster compared to the grown ups. And these medicines can be taken along with the current allopathic medicines.

He started the Herbal medicines along with his allopathic medicines from November 2012 and called us on 9th December 2012 with the following readings.

Fasting Blood Glucose - 82
C-Peptide - 3.8 

This Indicates improved blood sugar control and the pancreas too started producing insulin which resulted in a decreased dependency on external insulin by a whooping 33.3% in just 1 month. His external Insulin requirement has come down from 9 units to 6 units in just one month.

We have advised him to continue the medicines till his pancreas is fully repaired and he no longer dependent on external insulin.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Herbal Medicines on psoriasis

Psoriasis is one of the most challenging disease world wide.

Most of the patients go for conventional treatment which just suppress their disease and his life becomes a hell for the rest of his/her life.

Nature has given us many herbs which cure psoriasis from the root. see the effect yourself.

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Nature is more powerful then man made science.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Excellent results of herbs on Lung Cancer

The family member's of this 72 years, 28kg old gentleman visited my clinic on 4th July 2012. The patient was not able to come because he was very weak and fragile and bed ridden most of the time. He was diagnosed with lungs cancer in 1998 and went through radiation and chemo in 2002 and lot many standard procedures done by the allopathic doctors.

His family members reported following problems to me.
According to doctor's and test reports, his 1 lung was completely damaged and the 2nd one was half gone. He had much difficulty in breathing. He always had cough and cold. Every 2nd day he used to have throat infection. He was very low on immunity. Always complained of giddiness, had acidity and chronic constipation. He never felt hunger. Always complained of chest pain and not able to talk to anyone as it caused suffocation. He wasn't able to go to washroom on his own and was always accompanied by his wife.

He was on some homeopathic medicines for general wellness and constipation and some allopathic medicines for infections.

Based on this info, i started his treatment. He started taking the medicines from 5th July 2012.

After 25 days he along with his family members came to my clinic on 31st July, 2012.

The following improvements were noted.
He was able to visit my clinic with no aid.
Was able to talk to us about his problems without suffocation.
He reported that instead of being bed ridden, now he walks from one room to another.
There was lots of improvement in chest pain.
He was having regular motions (stools) without difficulty.
He didn't had any throat infection which used to occur every 2nd day.
His blood pressure improved from 60/90 to 70/110
And last but not the least, he was able to go to the washroom on his own after a gap of 10 long years.

This was amazing for me too. I know these herbal medicines are very effective, but they gives such excellent results in such sort span of time, i didn't know. I had told his family members that they may see some positive results in 3 - 4 months time, but Nature is full of surprises and give such good results in just 25 days.

They came back to me after 15 days for general checkup and medicines. and reported that he has got rid of his inhaler which he used to have regularly 3 - 4 times daily. And his chest pain has reduced considerably. His breathing is stable now and his appetite has improved a lot.

We have heard of cancer patients condition deteriorating day by day but here the we are able to see regular improvement. We have advised him to continue these herbal medicines so that slowly we can eliminate all his problems and help him lead a normal life.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Herbal Miracle on Cancer

It was 27th of April, 2012. I was preparing for vacation. Suddenly a 65+ gentleman entered my clinic and asked my help for his younger brother who was fighting with CA rectum.

The patient was given Laparoscopic APR with permanent colostomy in 2008 by his allopathic doctor of some fancy Cancer Institute.

His latest reports read...

He was undergoing radiotherapy and his skin has pilled off from the pelvic region and was unable to come to my clinic. See the portions of the discharge report.

His kidney was swollen and his serum creatinine level was showing a reading of 3.6. along with Grade 4 BPH with bilateral hydronephrosis.

At this point i started his treatment along with the allopathic treatment he was already taking. In our system of medicine, surgery is strictly prohibited in this type of cases and the excellent results were demonstrated long back in 1890 itself. Those who are interested in further reading can always refer to the National Review May 1890, July 1890, sept 1890, etc. It was also discussed at length at the assembly of Royal college of surgeons in Edinburgh in July 1891. The efficacy of these pure herbal medicines were well demonstrated there. But still many doctors feel pride in butchering some body parts of their patient.... well leave this topic here and lets focus on the case.

After giving him the medicines, i was waiting impatiently, how his body was responding to these herbal medicines. We didn't have to wait too long. I got a positive mail just after 1 week of treatment that the creatinine level has come down from 3.6 to 2.1 and the hemoglobin has also improved from 10.1 to 11.5.

In 15 days time his condition improved a lot and the side effects of radiation had almost gone, and the patient who was unable to come to my clinic some 15 days before was now able to go for a vacation.

In 1 month time his creatinine level came down to 1.7 very near to the normal range.

But the best was yet to come.
The 11th June 2012 report which said that there was a calculi of 6 mm in the uretor.

The allopathic doctor were of the view that its the cancerous mass and the days are numbered.

But those doctors had underestimated the power of the herbal medicines. Another scan after 1.5 months didn't find any signs of the calculi/cancerous mass.

The patient has been advised to continue the treatment till his whole body is cleaned up so that the cancer doesn't reoccurs and his whole body gets repaired.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Wonderful results on Type 2 diabetes

A 32 years young girl  came to me seeking treatment for her type 2 diabetes ( fasting blood sugar above 230 and pp 380), Hypertension (150/110), fatty liver, uterine fibroid, obesity (82 kg), migraine, giddiness, nil on energy, always have vomiting sensation and many more problem.

She was just taking some allopathic tablets for headache when she came to me. I asked her to take some immediate allopathic treatment for her diabetes and hypertension, but she refused saying that she don't wish to be lifelong dependent on them. 

At this point, i started her treatment. Within 15 - 20 days she got good improvement in her vomiting sensation, migraine, energy levels and giddiness. she started feeling hungry as her digestion improved.

She slowly started getting improvement in her hypertension and blood sugar levels. after around 7 months of continuous treatment, her blood pressure is normal ( 120/80). blood sugar near about normal (fasting 112), no migraine attack for last 5 - 6 months. no giddiness, liver and fibroid all normal. full of energy. the girl who was unable to walk 50 - 60 meters is now daily walking for 5 - 6 kilometers and still fresh. lost 8 kg and is back in shape.
She was having some vision problems. so i asked her to consult her eye specialist. The eye specialist was shocked. He said he has always seen the glass getting thicker and thicker, this is the first time i am prescribing some thinner one to someone ;). Just 2 days back she came to me with sweets, hug and a big thank you.

These results may be bettered. i believe there are many more herbal combinations which can give much faster results. I believe there are many more practitioners of herbal medicines whose results are much much better then that of ours. But the question is, are the patients ready to get rid of their diabetes???????   

Insulin resistance can be reversed with the right medicine and the lifestyle change. It may be incurable in some branches of medicine, but not all. So whenever someone talks of in-curability and in doubt, just remember one thing, NATURE IS MUCH MUCH POWERFUL THAN THE MAN MADE SCIENCE. 

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