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I am a practitioner of herbal medicines. Our herbal medicines are very very effective in Cancer, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Gout, spondylitis, sciatica, Type1 and Type2 Diabetes, Asthma, psoriasis, Eczema, Blood Pressure, Auto immune diseases, sinus, Baldness, immunity problems and hormonal imbalance. People across the globe (Europe, North America, Asia Australia and Africa) have been benefited by our treatment. Many VIPs have been benefited by our medicines and more than 95% people have reported positive results in very sort span of time. Our patient list include family members of Ex chief of Army of India, Senior officers of Indian Armed forces and their family, family members of High Court Judge, family members of DIG of Police, DC, many high profile bureaucrats and senior most doctors of some of the most reputed hospitals of India and their family members. For any query drop me a mail at

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Mouth Cancer - Herbal Treatment

This 37 years old lady traveled more then 1000kms from Solapur, Maharastra to meet me with a history of mouth cancer which was detected in 2011. She came to meet me on 18th August, 2013.

She had undergone commando operation of the left cheek. And she had undergone several cycles of Chemo and radiation.

The following was observed when she came to meet me.
a. Weight only 34 kg. Excessive weight lost since the detection of the Cancer.
b. Her teeth had melted due to the radiation and cannot open her mouth properly.
c. Mouth ulcers and Red patches all over the Mouth (inside the mouth).
d. Excessive hair loss.
e. RBC count very low (as per her blood report).
f. No Thirst.
g. Always dry mouth. No Saliva.
h. Always tired and energyless.
i. Unable to eat any kind of fruits, salt or spice. She was only on liquid diet (milk + Chapati).

Here is some of her report:

We generally don't take Cancer patients who had undergone surgery or Radiation because the lymph nodes are destroyed / removed by these methods and the chances to cure the patient vanishes. Readers interested to know about the lymph nodes and the lymphatic system can read here.

Lymphatic System

She had came from such a distance with a hope. I assured that i shall try every thing in my hand to give her relief. I also counseled her family members separately and told them that i shall try giving her maximum relief but i cannot assure a CURE, as the lymph nodes have already been destroyed and its difficult (can't say impossible because Nature has always surprised me) to regenerate them.

We started her treatment and asked her to be positive about her condition.

We had a telephonic consultation on 12th September 2013 and the following was observed.
a. No red patches in the mouth. Mouth ulcers gone.
b. Feels Thirsty. Drinks around 4 liters of water daily.
c. Dryness of mouth gone. Saliva is coming.
d. Feels hungry. Eats 3 - 4 times a day.
e. She is able to eat semi solid food. She can eat fruits, salty and spicy foods.
f. Glow on the face returns.
g. Significant improvement in the energy levels.
h. She was able to eat pooran poori after many years.

I have advised her to continue the medicines to get maximum benefits of these herbal medicines.

After 8 months of herbal treatment from Natural Care, now she is living a normal healthy life free of any medicines.

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Monday, October 14, 2013

Excellent result on type 1 diabetes on this Indian patient from Jabalpur

This 26 years old girl is dependent on insulin for the last 7 years.

Read the case history in her own words......

She was able to start the medicine only in August 2013. And in just 1 month she was able to see the positive results and was able to reduce 1 unit of external insulin.
The next month October, 2013 she reported more improvements and reduced 5 units of external insulin.

She has been advised to continue the medicines till she completely gets rid of external insulin.

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Herbal medicines on Psoriasis

This 34 years old patient from USA debunks the advertisement done by a superstar athlete for a big pharma company. Read it carefully and save your near and dear ones from the cheats.

When i asked her the detailed case history with all the hospital reports, she wrote the following mail.

She send the following pictures of her skin to show the severity of the psoriasis covering almost every part of her body. I am holding back some of the pics of her private parts and also the pics which may reveal her identity.

We started her treatment with our herbal medicines and within a week we were able to see positive results. In her own words....

We have advised her to continue the treatment for little longer duration to get her immune system rectified and get rid of her psoriasis.

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Monday, July 8, 2013

Breast Cancer - Herbal Treatment

This case is still under my treatment and i will keep the readers posted on the development. All the pictures are taken at my clinic with the permission of the patient.

This 43 years old lady came to me in the last week of May 2013.

( Pic taken on 30th May 2013)

Her left breast full with pus and liquid oozing out of it. A huge cavity as if i can insert my fist inside it. The smell was so bad that i was about to vomit. Her breast was as hard as a coconut and no sensation at all.

She was diagnosed with breast cancer some 2 years ago and her reports clearly mentioned it. She was under treatment from different specialist doctors and her condition got worse and then she came to me in May 2013. From May, 2013 onwards she is under my treatment. I have put her completely on our herbal medicines.

In the past she had undergone lots of hormonal therapies to have a baby.

After 20 days of medication, She came back to me with the following improvements.

 (pic taken on 20th June, 2013)

The bad smell had stopped to a great extent. The pus was very less. The sensation was returning back and her hardness was reduced significantly.

After 14 days see the improvement.
 (pic taken on 4th July, 2013)

There is no pus. No smell. Sensation returned to almost all part of the breast. Hardness reduced significantly and patient very cheerful. No pain. She can sleep with ease. Gained 1 kg of weight.

 (pic taken on 18th July, 2013)

The patient is cheerful and full of confidence. When she had came to me, she was having severe hair loss. Now no hair fall. The wound has turned pink and the cavity also getting filled fast. No pain. The sensation has returned to all the parts of the breast. The breast has become softer. She is able to do her normal day to day activity.

 (pic taken on 1st August, 2013)
She is performing her daily work regularly. She is cheerful and confident. Eats well and sleeps well. Now able to sleep on both the sides. The swelling of the breast reduced.

 (pic taken on 15 August, 2013)

The patient is cheerful and full of life. Sleeps well and eats well. No signs of complications. the wound is healing slowly but steadily. The breast has turned soft. Steady recovery.

I will be updating this case regularly.

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Indivisualised Vs Generalised Medication

Sometimes back i had a heated discussion with a practitioner of conventional (allopathic) medicines and his followers in one online forum. And the bone of contention was why alternative medicines don't have generic medicines as in allopathy. They said that as in allopathy, paracetamol works on all the patients irrespective of their age and gender and other parameters, all the other medicines who wish to qualify as scientific has to work similarly. And as in alternative medicines, the same set of medicines don't work similarly on the similar patients and each patient has to be given individualized treatment so its not science. And they further go on saying that all other systems of medicines that don't fall into generalized medicines category is pseudo science and quackery.

But if we blindly accept their arguments, then all the claims made by scientists working on stem cell falls under quackery, because they also work on individualized treatment. your own cell is used to regenerate your organ. Someone else stem cell won't work for you and that's why everyone is storing the stem cells from the umbilical chord for future use. They say that every individual is different from the other. And thats why no 2 person of earth have the same finger prints or iris. The most advanced studies in genetics also toes the same line of alternative medicines.

We have all seen the excellent results of individualized treatment. (In allopathy also stem cell therapies are promising a lot).

The pharma companies cook up stories against alternative medicines based on indivisualised treatment so that they can keep looting the patients for life. See some common rumors spread by them.

Alternative medicine is not science

Most of the time people make fun of homeopathy, electropathy or similar medicines that its just a placebo and they don't have the actual medicines and they just sell water.  How on earth can someone give results by just giving few drops of medicine in so much of water.

Obviously the people who speak these things are not educated enough to understand these things. People with good knowledge of modern physics/ electronics can easily understand it. Do you know modern electronics is based on semiconductors and these semiconductors are based on the same principles of doping of homeopathy/electropathy. for example 1 molecule of arsenic doped with 1000000000 molecules of silicon increases the flow of electricity 1000 times in the silicon. Whereas without this doping silicon is useless. And see the marvelous results of this doping. It has changed the world. All your household gadgets, your cell phone, computers, the small toys for kids, the aircraft, satellites, the advance equipments used by the conventional doctors everything based on the principle of doping. Do you still say doping is not science and the medicines based on doping is not scientific and its just a placebo?

The medicines work very slow.

The alternative medicines works as fast as electricity in many cases. But it all depends on the experience and knowledge of the practitioner. For example in cases like hemorrhage, we can stop it in 2 - 3 minutes and save life of millions of people who die due to excessive bleeding during accident or surgery or other miscellaneous reasons.  Nasal Blockages can be opened in 1 - 2 minutes. Acute cases like diarrhea or vomiting can be stopped in 15 - 20 minutes. Fever can be controlled within 30 - 40 minutes. In cases where the patients pulse and blood pressure is going down, our herbal medicines can save the life of the patients by regulating their pulse rate and blood pressure. Joints pain can be controlled in 1 - 2 days time.

And a success rate of more then 90% by using these herbal medicines in some of the so called incurable diseases narrates the real story.

See the wonderful results of the individualized medicines.

Natural Care 

I am not arguing against any particular system of medicines. All i mean to say is that every system of medicine has its own advantages and it should be seen accordingly. And patients should be guided accordingly. The health of the patient should take priority.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Excellent Result on a RA patient from Banglore, India

This 29 years old lady contacted us from Bangalore some 600 kms away from us. She was suffering from RA, PCOD and Thyroid. Read the case history in her own words.
The test reports were also attached with her mail which confirms her RA.

 Read the results of these herbal medicines in her own words.

RA cannot be cured in a day or month, the complete cure may take months or years. It is said to be incurable in other system of medicines and they just suppress the problems and loot them for life. They never ever try a single step in the positive direction towards a cure. The research is also being made to just make them well managed chronic patients and loot them for life. At Natural Care positive steps are taken towards a cure and not just suppressing it. And when the positive steps comes with quick relief to the patients and that too without side effects, we say Nature is much much more powerful then man made science.

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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Wonderful result on 75 years young lady from USA

This 75 years young lady was suffering from Lyme's disease and due to the pain in her knees due to lyme's arthritis, she was having lots of pain while walking. She had used all types of medicines and steroids but all in vain. Then they turned to NATURAL CARE and her husband contacted us from USA.

Here is the case history in their own words....

On further investigation we got more details about the case.She has taken all sorts of antibiotics and steroids that the doctors can give her but didn't provide her relief. Read in her own words....

At the age of 75, most people lose hope and never take proper treatment. The medical fraternity also says that at this age the repairs in the body can't be done. But this is not true. The repair process is there in the body till our last breath and this is how nature has made us. The right treatment given by an experienced practitioner can give wonderful results and this is what this 75 years young lady proved.

In just 20 days of treatment she reported positive changes.

 And some more positive remarks....

Treating the patient from such a distance and without seeing her is a big challenge and here in this case, the age of the patient and her condition where all the other branches of medicine had failed to give her relief doubled the challenge.

But we overcome all the odds and once again proved that NATURE IS MUCH MUCH MORE POWERFUL THEN MAN MADE SCIENCE.

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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Excellent result of Herbal medicines on RA and Type 1 diabetic patient from Mexico

Many a times Alternative medicines are written off saying that the results are very slow and may be the patient has recovered on his/her own and not due to the treatment given by the practitioners of alternative medicines. But this is a false statement propagated by the practitioners of conventional medicines and their followers. In many cases, the results of herbal medicines are much much faster then any other means of treatment, if the patient is getting treatment under the guidance of a good practitioner.

This 42 years old patient from Mexico who was residing some 16,000 kms away, contacted us for his RA and Type 1 Diabetes, with deep faith in herbal medicines. See the case history in his own words.

He was taking on average 65 units of insulin on a daily basis.

Seeing the chronic nature of his problem, we had told him that it may take around 3 months time to see some positive changes in his body. 

But we had a pleasant surprise when we received this mail.

There was so much of positive changes in just 1 day. I had also not anticipated so much of positive changes in just 1 day. But hat's off to Nature. It has given us so many wonderful things.

Slowly his external insulin requirement is also coming down.

I keep on thinking, if herbal medicines are so much effective, then why not more and more young people join herbal medicines and cure the patients using herbal medicines. Why everyone is running after conventional medicines. Why the government or the healthcare bodies not investing in herbal research? Why everyone just running after conventional medicines?

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Juvenile Diabetes - Amazing Result

The vegetable kingdom is Nature's personal laboratory and there are many wonderful herbs given by Nature to we humans whose use under the guidance of a right person gives amazing results.

I am practicing these herbal medicine for so many years but many a times i am also amazed with the results.

Today i present a case of Juvenile Diabetes which is said to be incurable in conventional medicines. The practitioners of conventional medicines say that once a person diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes ( Type 1 diabetes ) has to take external insulin till his/her last breath.

Let me put the case directly from her mother's mail.

Most of the people who are brainwashed by the practitioners of conventional medicines think that herbal medicines are just a waste of time and money and they never ever try to get rid of their Type 1 diabetes. But i must congratulate this lady who took all the pain to discover the truth and tried to make her daughter's life insulin free. She didn't even blinked her eyes and asked for our immediate help.

We send her the medicines and while the medicines were on the way, we advised her some diet.

See the positive response of our diet suggested to her.

Finally the herbal medicines arrived at her results. And she started giving her on 10th February, 2013.

The journey with herbal medicines had started. We were confident that she will get positive results. But how much time before we see the positive results and positive upto what extent?????? May be from 7 units it will come down to 6 or 5 or 4 units in 1 month ....

But then i received this mail of amazing result on 10th March, 2013 .....

Its amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No insulin administered to her and still her fasting blood glucose normal.

Congratulations dear parents for gifting your baby an Insulin free life.

Some ups and downs may come. but for the time being this baby is insulin free and has been advised to continue these herbal medicines and regularly monitor the blood glucose.

For more results visit Natural Care

Nature is much more powerful then man made science.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Juvenile Diabetes - A curative approach

Most people don't understand Juvenile Diabetes fully and just take half treatment for it and say its incurable. Actually One has to understand in Juvenile Diabetes why the pancreas in not producing enough insulin. Doctors simply say that the pancreas got damaged. But why it got damaged? The patient was not born with a damaged pancreas. If someone digs little further then the doctor tells that its immune disorder and its incurable....... But anyone tried to think beyond that??? Why his/her immune system started acting against his/her own body? The protector becomes the destroyer. What made the immune system think that his/her pancreatic cells are not the original one but some changed one, say some invader which needs to be destroyed???? Is it that only the immune system has become hyper and there is no change in the pancreatic cells??? Perhaps no one wants to answer these tough questions and that’s why it is incurable.

Actually, in today’s world everything has become contaminated. The farmers are using lot many pesticides and the farm produce gets contaminated. The milkman and dairy owners... uses hormonal injections so that his cow can give more milk and thus contaminates the milk. The warehouses use lot many preservatives to increase the lifespan of the food products, thus contaminating the products. The radiation from the electronic gazettes are adding fuel to fire. So many unwanted scans during pregnancy exposes the unborn child to heavy radiation. The unwanted chemicals being pumped in the body in the name of vaccination, start contaminating the body very early and are the reasons for many deaths reported worldwide. Overuse of antibiotics…. The doctors are always pumping lots of chemicals in the body and make it contaminated. Most of the chemical medicines use radio active elements, which releases the radiation and they change the molecular structure of several cells n tissues and the immune system thinks its different from the original one and start attacking and destroying them. The cells and tissues of the bone marrow may also gets slightly damaged and are producing faulty leukocytes.

So when the doctor doesn't give you medicine to get rid of these toxic materials which induced these problems, it’s almost impossible to heal the immune system and the other affected organs.

I feel pity at most of the patients when they take just half treatment say external insulin and are happy that they have become a chronic well managed patients. They never get any treatment to heal their pancreas and they also start believing that it’s incurable.

Today one system of medicine which has got good poison to kill some micro organisms but failed in almost all other illness has spread their half baked truth about the curability of this disease. The public must know the full truth that this particular illness is incurable in this pathy.

Here at Natural Care, we believe in the whole body cure. We go deep and investigate each case thoroughly. We have excellent herbal medicines to remove the toxins from the body. Then we give some herbal supplements to start the cell regeneration of the damaged body organs and rectify the immune system. And we have got excellent results worldwide. 

Some wonderful results that we have achieved using this approach.

A 6 year old girl from USA

 Even just following some good advice from us has started giving positive results.

A 3 years and 9 month old girl child from India

 See the positive results in just 2 days time.

And the insulin requirement came down from 12 units per day to 9 units per day. a whooping 25% in just 2 days.

Even i was surprised at this result. I wish someday we can have some herbal solution which can repair the pancreas in just 2 days.

A 24 years old boy from India

This doesn't comes exactly in the juvenile category but still worth mentioning because we had applied the same approach on him and saw good results. He contacted us with his fasting Blood glucose reading 337 and post lunch reading 438.

( email dated 20th December, 2012 )

He was not able to follow the advice and diet properly, still we were able to get positive results.

( email dated 22nd February, 2013 )

( email dated 12th March, 2013 )

In June 2013, his fasting blood glucose reading came down to 152.
In July 2013, his fasting blood glucose reading came down to 138.

He has been advised to continue the medicines. Amazing journey from 337 to 138. And that too without the conventional medicines or external insulin. And many a times he misses his herbal medicines too due to his travel or work schedule.

Read more results of our herbal treatment on diabetes.

Natural Care

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Alopathy Vs Electropathy ( Herbal Medicines )

Many a times some doctors of allopathy just discards any other form of medicines except allopathy. But when they see the excellent results on their near and dear ones......

This young allopathic doctor who was doing his research in osteoarthritis contacted us and saw the result on his own father who is also an allopathic doctor (vet). The 67 years old allopathic doctor who was in deep pain due to his osteoarthritis and needed support to get up from his bed is able to walk 4kms daily with the help of the herbal medicines(electropathy) and shares his case history with all.

Read the complete history.

The young doctor, doubting the efficacy of alternative medicines.

After this discussion, he wanted to see the result on his father and send a brief case history, we had many telephonic discussion too

And in 2 week time he is able to see the positive effects of the medicines.

And now the patient himself sharing his case and results with the public.