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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Psoriatic Arthritis cured

It was the occasion of my kids 1st birthday and i went to invite the neighborhood family for the  birthday celebration. When i invited her along with her family for the celebration, she said that she is in terrible pain and won't be able to come. She promised that her daughter will come for the celebration. I told her that i am into herbal medicines and i have some medicines which can reduce her pain. She readily agreed and said, Sangita, Plzzzz do something for me. i am dying of this pain. I still remember the day, it was a cold evening of 26th of November 2008. I give her some herbal pain killers in tablet form.

The next day she came to me and said that she got good relief in the pain, and then she told her case to me in detail........

She ( name and pics withheld ) is 60 years old, fair lady, and was having sever Psoriatic Arthritis for the last 10 - 12 years. Her fingers were all in bad shape. All her joints ached like anything. Her skin has turned black and thick and severe itching. The scales from the effected ares make it look very bad. Many a times blood started to come out of the skin due to the itching. she was in such a devastated state..... (God don't give such kind of problems even to the enemies.). She was not able to hold a plate properly. Walking 100 meters was a big challenge for her. The doctors had advised her to get knee replacement. Beside this she was also having hypertension, insomnia and type 2 diabetes. She had a family history of psoriasis.

She told me that she had tried every means.... be it allopathy, homeopathy or Ayurveda. she got temporary relief some times, but after few weeks it come back with more severity. She asked me if i can do anything for her.....

I started her treatment with some blood and lymph purifying herbal solutions, remove the free radicals from her body, rectify her immune system, strengthen her extractory organs, and some constitutional remedies to heal her ailing organs. I gave her some herbal solutions on 28th of November 2008 to slowly purify her blood and lymph. Along with that, i also gave her some herbal lotions to apply on the psoriasis affected skin. And some herbal solutions to subsidize her pain. I had to be very careful while selecting the combination so that her hypertension problem doesn't get aggravated.

In 6 months time she showed remarkable progress. I keep on changing the medicines combination and dilution to give her the maximum benefit. There were some flares that come up and went away. She continued the treatment regularly for 18 months. In this 18 months of treatment, her arthritis gone. her insomnia problem is no more. Her diabetes is normal. She got a new skin which doesn't itch and those ugly scales.... gone for ever. And now she is doing an evening walk of 5 - 6 km daily.

From 26th November, 2008 onwards, she has never touched the painkillers and she is leading a pain free life.

There are lot many documents on net saying that there is no cure for auto immune problems....... But this lady is a live example that natural herbal solutions has got cure of everything.