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Monday, August 4, 2014

Breast cancer patient from Maharastra, India

This 52 years old lady contacted us from Nagpur, Maharastra, India to get rid of her Breast Cancer.

She was suffering for the last 2 years. When she contacted us, she was having a hard lump of 2 inch  in the right breast and yellow pus oozing out of the wound with foul smell for the last 3 months. There was seepage from the nipple for the last 3 months. The lump was very painful. Her appetite was also very less and also had digestive issues. She also reported burning in the mouth. The boils come on her body very often.

She reported excellent progress in just 1 months of treatment.

Now the patient is feeling well. No pus coming out. No smell. No seepage from the nipples. The swelling of the breast gone. Hardness gone. Tumor size reduced significantly. Appetite good. Energy levels good. Boils are very less. She is very positive.

We have advised her to take the medicines regularly. Hope she gets rid of her ailment very soon.
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